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Gorilla Habituation Experience In Bwindi Forest

Gorilla Habituation Experience

Gorilla Habituation Experience

Gorilla Habituation Experience

Mountain Gorilla habituation experience is a practice of training wild gorillas to make them familiar with human presence before they’re being declared for trekking. Spend more time with mountain gorillas in their natural habitats on your gorilla habituation experience to Bwindi Forest national park. Gorilla habituation grantees tourists a chance to spend four hours in the presence of endangered mountain gorillas. This is the best way to see interact face to face with wild mountain gorillas and enjoy the human characters of mountain gorillas which make them exceptional creatures. Gorilla trekking is different from gorilla habituation experience which makes it different for gorilla lovers because they have 90%geenes like for humans.

What is Gorilla Habituation Experience all about In Uganda?

Did you know Uganda’s Bwindi Forest Offers Gorilla Habituation? Do you ever wonder what gorilla habituation experience is all about? Gorilla habituation is the practice of training wild gorillas to make them familiar with human presence before they’re declared for trekking.  Gorilla habituation is an everyday activity by gorilla doctors which lasts for 3 years before a gorilla family is opened for trekking. Tourists should be careful to ensure safety in the presence of endangered mountain gorillas where 7 meters distance from the individual and keeping calm with your group members during the gorilla habituation in Bwindi forest.

Where to do gorilla habituation Experience

Bwindi impenetrable Forest national park In Rushanga sector is the most desired area to do an experimental venture with travelers. The Rushaga sector is the safest and easiest place that’s found in south of Bwindi where training takes place. There are two gorilla families e.g. the Bikyingi and Bushasho which are undergoing training and will be opened to tourism.

How much is a gorilla habituation Experience permit

Every Traveller intending to do a gorilla habituation experience should have a gorilla permit. This habituation permit costs 1500US compared to the 600USD for gorilla trekking permits. Every day each gorilla family is visited by four people hence 8 permits available for sale. Safarivacations-Africa helps Tourists to acquire or book early gorilla permits, gorilla habituation permits involves park entance fees. Gorilla permits can be booked directly from the Uganda wildlife authority or through our team at safarivacation Africa who offer memorable experience

Where to sleep during habituation Experience

Rushaga sector accommodation facilities should be in this sector to avoid delays in    tracking gorillas. There are several luxury, midrange and budget lodges, camps that were established in Rushaga to enable travellers to sleep and have good food. Accommodation facilities serve travellers with quality affordable services. These lodges include gorilla safari lodge, gorilla valley lodge, Rushaga gorilla camp, Nshongi camp and Ichumbi lodge.

 What other Activities to do in Bwindi forest park

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park offers a variety of tourism attractions for those with long safaris. Gorilla trekking is the most done activity with 12 gorilla families available every day. Gorilla tours in Uganda are relatively cheaper at a cost of 600USD for a permit compared to 1500USD in Rwanda. Set out to enjoy cultural visits to local communities near the park to learn about Uganda traditions and culture. Enjoy forest walks, bird watching to make your Uganda safari to Bwindi forest memorable. Gorilla habituation experience is the best way to meet and spend ample time with endangered mountain gorillas. Book a gorilla safari with safari vacations Africa and be part of training the wild gorillas to get used to humans. You can also combine the gorilla habituation and wildlife safaris to Queen Elizabeth national park or Murchison Falls national park for sport fishing.